Monday, August 29, 2011

Benefits of Business Blogs

Blog 1. The author of this blog is an intern. We learn that from the get go. The first point he tries to make is how exciting and fun his job is. Im not gonna lie, i was interested in reading it after the first few sentences. This blog benefits the company he works for by showing us how fun the life of a low intern can be. He seems to love it. I mean, why not? This intern gets ice cream socials, flashmobs and catered sushi all at one meeting. I think this blog shows that it is fun to work for this particular business, therefore, that is why it is beneficial.

Blog 2. I think this blog is more of a self promotion than a true blog. I feel like they are trying to promote how good they are by showing that other business' try to be like them. As far as being beneficial, I think it could draw more people to both companies.

Blog 3. This blog doesn't catch my attention like the others did. Recycling is great, I understand that. I also understand that they are trying to promote that. I don't understand how it is beneficial to their company, other than letting people know they care about recycling.

Blog 4. I like what this blog did to promote their store and healthy snacks. They are giving away gift cards, which i think everyone loves. While at the same time promoting healthy snacks for the school year. This is a great way to get children healthy as well as get people in the store.

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